Road to Glory Radio is, we pray, an amazing opportunity for you to promote yourself as a Christian artist or band. Independent artists, not signed to labels, often struggle to be able to promote themselves to the level of success that they need. The work of marketing yourself is not only incredibly time-consuming but very expensive as well. As an independent artist, we understand this all too well. Nonetheless, in the last year, we have been able to garner millions of hits to all my various social media sites.  I want to help you gain traction for yourself or your band! 

Here's how it works. All you have to do to be considered is to fill out the form here on this page. DO NOT email tracks to us, but send us a link to where we can listen. After we have received your form, we will listen and pick out a song that we think will fit the overall sound of the station and best showcase you. Sometimes music we receive, for one reason or another, gets declined for inclusion on our playlist.  Every station has its own unique sound and sometimes your song, no matter how good it is, just does not fit the format. While there is no charge to have your music promoted on the station, it does cost us a significant amount of money to host and promote everybody's music.  We will be using affiliate marketing,  merchandise sales and sometimes, financial gifts from friends of the station to help cover our costs so that you don't have to.

God Bless You,

Rev. Timothy Buss
Rev. Joe Holmin
Road to Glory Radio